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Amazon Categories

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up to ten per title per format
US UK CA AU markets,
up to ten per title per format

Audible Categories - Coming Soon!

US/Main market,
up to two per title
US/Main market,
up to three per title
All markets,
up to three per title

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Workspaces and Tools

AuthorExclusive features twelve workspaces, intuitively organized in a wizard-like, conveyor belt book production and management process. Under Titles, there are three main headings: New Title Setup, Production, and Management. Each of these three headings have four workspaces. A workspace is a dedicated area centered around a key deliverable (such as editing or category management), where all parties who play a role in achieving that deliverable can collaborate. Workspaces are also organized repositories of data and files, from where data is later aggregated and structured in easily accessible locations such as the Digital Asset Management or Publishing Cheatsheets.

Tools are grouped together under the eponymous menu entry and feature the following.

  • Publishing Cheatsheets—a section dedicated to aggregating all the information needed to publish a title in all formats, saving you the trouble of browsing the entire platform looking for all the components.
  • Tasks—a section dedicated to team management, where tasks can be created, assigned, and delivered; deadlines set; and progress closely monitored in two view options: list and board.
  • Piracy Check—a powerful search engine tailored to identify pirated copies of published books. You can ease your mind and let our AI keep an eye on your intellectual property and notify you when pirated copies appear anywhere online.
  • Notifications—a detailed view of all the system alerts and notifications received on your account.
Finally, on the upper menu, there are two other essential tools you can access via icons.
  • Schedule—a planning tool that shows when tasks are due and lists upcoming deadlines in order of urgency.
  • Chat—AuthorExclusive’s own messaging system, providing features such as one-on-one and group conversations; searches for keywords, links, attachments, and images; and a gallery view for all images.

Collaboration, Communication, and Engagement

Email is slowly becoming a thing of the past, taking with it the lost messages wrongly captured by spam filters, misplaced attachments, and that unpleasant panic when the latest version of a partially edited manuscript cannot be found.

AuthorExclusive’s proprietary messaging system delivers team engagement centered on every title, and managed priorities without any element of confusion still lingering. Clear, direct communication between all the parties involved in the production or management of a title, the possibility to easily locate and attach a file for other team members to review, complete with metadata such as format information or use and destination for social media files, and attachment comments to enrich the engagement experience at each step of the book production process are only a few of the features brought by the collaboration tools available in AuthorExclusive. These tools facilitate direct engagement between team members and empower you, the author, to drive collaboration and accountability at unprecedented levels. Step back, empower your team, and see the work getting done faster and better while you work on your next novel.

Enterprise and Custom Account Specialty Features

For the productive, high-volume author all the way to the big-five publisher, AuthorExclusive brings unlimited everything in the Enterprise account. Customize it to perfection to fit your exact needs and save. Unlimited authors, unlimited pen names, unlimited titles, unlimited cloud storage, and teams of any size. ONIX file generation is available upon demand.

If this is something that appeals to you, please contact us for a demo and a conversation on tailoring the many features to best suit your unique needs.

Do I Have to Hire My Team Through AuthorExclusive?

No. AuthorExclusive provides the collaboration tools to allow you to work with any team member you wish.

How Many Team Members Can Be Added to an Enterprise Plan?

There’s no limit to the number of team members or titles that can be added to an Enterprise plan. To configure your ideal plan and save, please Contact Us to set up a call and discuss your particular needs. Once configured, your custom Enterprise plan can be easily scaled; there are no contracts and no penalties.

How Does Agent Query Work?

Powerful research and organized data are at your fingertips, driven by technology that guides your manuscript to land in front of the right people, the most likely agents to fall in love with your work. Get started on your way to a book deal with just a few clicks.

  1. Your new manuscript’s genre will determine the best fit for agents in our database, and our AI will build the ideal mailing list for your particular submission, thus increasing your chances to receive a request for more material. We will send your query to only one agent within an agency, the agent who’s most likely to be the best fit for your book’s genre.
  2. Put together all the required materials for a professional query. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you along the way. Furthermore, we will manually review each query and contact you if we think the submitted query letter still needs work.
  3. Choose the service package that’s right for you. We will do the initial mailing, then a follow-up mailing to all the agents who have not opened the query within a week. You will receive the replies and requests for more material directly into your inbox.
Please note that not all service plans are available for all genres. Some less-popular genres, such as cookbooks or autobiographies, might have fewer agents interested in representing the title.