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From “The End” to Market and Beyond

A one-of-a-kind publishing management toolkit designed specifically for the author who wants to write more.


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What Can AuthorExclusive Do for My Success as an Author?

  • Maximize opportunities with customized, automated Agent Queries
  • Increase sales with visible, easy-to-set Amazon Categories
  • Bestseller roadmaps: customizable marketing plans included for free
  • Seamless, collaborative book production with or without a team


Why Is It Worth It for Me?

  • Less than one dollar a day includes new title and backlist discoverability
  • Book launches and backlist promotions are effective and easy to manage
  • Streamlined process flows for everything publishing save copious time
  • One-click social media posting makes advertising easy and drives sales

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Build Your Title

AuthorExclusive is the one-stop-shop for all your book publishing needs. Select any feature from our digital toolkit and complete your work at unprecedented speed. Start today by easily uploading your manuscript, filling out your title information, and registering your ISBN.

No other platform has the technology and tools to help you reach your writing goals this efficiently.


Organize Everything

Plan, execute, and stay organized from start to finish throughout the entire publishing process. Stay on task with platform and email notifications. Track all phases of the book production process and know exactly what needs to happen next with project management tools, checklists, reminders, and comments.

Our intuitive interface and AI-powered tools will keep everything neatly organized for you!


Collaborate Seamlessly

Invite your own team of editors, designers, and copywriters to collaborate and coordinate on your title. Know when they are finished with a task, reassign projects, leave comments, view previous versions, and approve final files for your book, all in one place.

Make your life easier and stop trying to communicate through countless different channels - when all you need is one.


Manage Effectively

Oversee and manage seamlessly through a single login. Use the AuthorExclusive tools to stay on top of multiple priorities, deadlines, and deliverables, finalize product descriptions, track product links, plan events, and much more. Even if you don't have a team yet, AuthorExclusive will manage workflows and files for you just as seamlessly.

Be an effective, empowering leader and call your own shots.


Integrate With Ease

Simply review, select, and request Amazon Categories for all book formats in all available markets through our AI-powered Amazon integration. Request a refresh of category information directly on our platform and use our side by side comparison view to make sure your category changes have been implemented.

Leverage our one-of-a-kind categories integration and you’ll save serious time and effort.


Market Like A Pro

Take the guesswork out of your go-to-market strategy with pre-loaded marketing plans at no additional cost. Promote your book on social media, build excitement, and consolidate your follower ranks with digital asset management.

From pre-launch to book reviews, you have a checklist and a project management system that makes it simple to assign and complete marketing tasks as you advertise your title.

Take Full Advantage of the AuthorExclusive Toolkit






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  • This system takes the grind out of my day and allows me more time to think, to create, to write. I'm so happy this dream of mine came true! I could never go back to the way things were... mountains of spreadsheets and Post-It notes and lost emails. Thank you!
    Leslie Wolfe
    Bestselling author of "Dawn Girl"

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Your business, your way.


1What Is AuthorExclusive?
AuthorExclusive offers authors a comprehensive set of AI-powered tools to produce, market, and manage their books, either as independently published or third-party, traditionally published authors.

The platform’s goal is to empower authors, drive author team collaboration, and put time back in the hands of authors who’d rather write more, than be bogged down with administrative tasks associated with the release of each new title.

Built by process engineers in collaboration with bestselling authors, AuthorExclusive’s unique book production process is a “conveyor belt” driving a book from initial manuscript through to completion and release readiness. The powerful technology behind the platform will alert authors when wrong steps are about to be taken and will present them with optimal choice advice wherever it makes sense.

The team collaboration function provided by AuthorExclusive is multifaceted and intuitive. The platform allows authors to build their teams using their own personal contacts, without forcing them to hire talent on the platform. Once onboarded, each role has its own designated workspace, where a particular step of the book production process takes place: copyediting, line editing, interior layout design, cover design, graphics and video production, copywriting. Team members can chat on the platform’s messenger, exchange files in the respective workspaces using an advanced, feature-rich file upload function that attaches functional parameters to every file.

Book marketing is empowered by preloaded, extensive, and customizable marketing plans comprised of tasks that are easily assigned to team members. Task deadlines trigger due date alerts and can be visualized in calendar form.

The platform includes full-featured Digital Asset Management functionality, complete with easy social sharing to facilitate book marketing with unprecedented speed. Authors can easily find all their files with search and filtering options, whether those are book files in various stages of execution, finalized approved files, images, or videos.

AuthorExclusive will not publish books; rather, it empowers authors to have everything ready when they decide to publish, however and wherever they decide to publish.

After publication, the platform continues to assist authors with unique and robust management tools, such as management of Amazon Categories for titles, maximizing the titles’ discoverability in all four English-speaking markets, by format. Like many other features, this element welcomes the author’s backlist, offering visibility into current category selections on the Amazon store, and making any changes an easy feat with AI-driven email drafting.

Agent Query is a feature that further empowers the authors to save precious research time and query a number of agents, carefully selected to match each query’s genre and particulars. Literary agent queries, TV and movie rights, and foreign rights queries are available.

For those bestselling authors whose work is at risk of being pirated, AuthorExclusive brings answers with Piracy Check, a function that will reveal any potentially unauthorized listing of a title with one click or tap of a button. Peace of mind comes in the form of Piracy Alerts, offering authors the option to receive alerts when their titles appear anywhere on the internet.

2How Is AuthorExclusive Organized?
AuthorExclusive features twelve workspaces, intuitively organized in a wizard-like, conveyor belt book production and management process. Under Titles, there are three main headings: New Title Setup, Production, and Management. Each of these three headings have four workspaces. A workspace is a dedicated area centered around a key deliverable (such as editing or category management), where all parties who play a role in achieving that deliverable can collaborate.

Workspaces are also organized repositories of data and files, from where data is later aggregated and structured in easily accessible locations such as the Digital Asset Management or Publishing Cheatsheets.

Tools are grouped together under the eponymous menu entry and feature the following.
  • Publishing Cheatsheets—a section dedicated to aggregating all the information needed to publish a title in all formats, saving you the trouble of browsing the entire platform looking for all the components.
  • Tasks—a section dedicated to team management, where tasks can be created, assigned, and delivered; deadlines set; and progress closely monitored in two view options: list and board.
  • Piracy Check—a powerful search engine tailored to identify pirated copies of published books. You can ease your mind and let our AI keep an eye on your intellectual property and notify you when pirated copies appear anywhere online.
  • Notifications—a detailed view of all the system alerts and notifications received on your account.
Finally, on the upper menu, there are two other essential tools you can access via icons.
  • Schedule—a planning tool that shows when tasks are due and lists upcoming deadlines in order of urgency.
  • Chat—AuthorExclusive’s own messaging system, providing features such as one-on-one and group conversations; searches for keywords, links, attachments, and images; and a gallery view for all images.
3Enterprise and Custom Account Specialty Features
For the productive, high-volume author all the way to the big-five publisher, AuthorExclusive brings unlimited everything in the Enterprise account. Customize it to perfection to fit your exact needs and save. Unlimited titles, unlimited cloud storage, and teams of any size. Onix file generation is available upon demand.

If this is something that appeals to you, please contact us for a demo and a conversation on tailoring the many features to best suit your unique needs.